Public and Private #14

shredded U.S. currency on paper, framed
13 x 10 x 0.5 in



Lisa Kokin brings a fiber sensibility and conceptual approach to a diverse array of materials. Kokin loves what happens when materials are fragmented or shredded. In paper currency, bits of text, mysterious numbers, parts of faces, official seals and abstract patterns are all highlighted when cut apart and reassembled. Kokin’s money collages are comprised of several subseries; the Public and Private series are open, maze-like forms, while the Warps series are inspired by weaving.  Kokin’s work is in public and corporate collections including the Boise Art Museum, Oakland Museum of California, the Buchenwald Memorial, the di Rosa Preserve, Mills College, Yale University Art Museum, University of Washington Special Collections, Rutgers University, Kaiser Permanente, and Tiffany & Co.  Kokin lives and works in El Sobrante, CA.