Beachy Blues (set of 5 works of art)

Mixed media
29 x 31 x 2 in
Sold $2,000

Collage includes:


Scott Ingram, Composition D1925, nail polish on paper, framed; 19″x15″


Carla Roth, Beach Dogs: Beagle, oil on linen, framed; 6″x7″


Andrzej Karwacki, EQ R6, mixed media on panel with resin, 6″ round


Suzy Barnard, Turning on Teal, oil on panel; 10″x8″


AJ Oishi, Bullseye cool tones, acrylic on canvas; 12″x12″


Collage walls are compositions of multiple works of fine art, with each piece made by a different artist.  They add character and intrigue to the mix of a home art collection.  They are organic, and can grow and evolve over time, adding more small works as you acquire them.  They can easily incorporate other artwork you own, even including family photos. Got a thermostat in the middle of your wall?  No problem!  Collage walls are flexible in how you install them, and can easily work around a poorly positioned thermostat or light switch. We have carefully curated these collage wall groupings of 5-6 works of art each, keeping in mind to balance size, shape, material, framing, color palette and texture.  Please see detail notes for artist info!